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WESSA (the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa) is a dynamic South African environmental NGO with a mission to implement high impact environmental and conservation projects that promote public participation in caring for the Earth.

WESSA has a remarkable history of almost 90 years and a proud track record of enabling individuals and organisations to use natural resources sustainably and effectively, through our strategic partnerships. We are driven by the critical focus areas of our work which include the international eco-labels of Eco-Schools and Blue Flag, environmental training, sustainable energy, and life-supporting eco-systems such as water and biodiversity.  


2015/16 Blue Flag season launch event marks 15 years in South Africa

The international Blue Flag programme is celebrating 15 years in SA, and 24 of our top beaches have been recognised for their sustained commitment to marine and coastal conservation through their long-term and participation in the programme.  READ MORE

High water pollution levels and exceptionally low flows have forced extreme swimmers Andrew Chin and Henko Roukema to abandon their...
The 2015 National WESSA Awards have been presented to recognise and honour the remarkable achievements of five individuals and groups.
WESSA (The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa), together with the Department of Science and Technology (DST), the Water Research...
Danville Park Girls' High School in Durban North, KZN, has been awarded first place at the National Water Explorer Awards.


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