Healthy Rivers – Healthy People

This project aims to equip our government and civil society partners with an accessible range of citizen science water resource management and bio-monitoring tools such as the free and easy to use Stream Assessment Scoring System (miniSASS) – which encourages enhanced catchment management for water security in a climate stressed society.

We are working to achieve this through:

  • Profiling and marketing capacity development and citizen science tools and mobile phone app
  • Making the miniSASS website ( more powerful and accessible for data input
  • Developing a network of practitioners to enhance the functionality and use of citizen science tools

We also provide training to local and regional government officials to help them understand the collection and analysis of the data so that it can be used to guide sustainable water management practices.  As a result of the project more and more officials and citizens are increasingly using the tool and uploading the data.

This project is being implemented in South Africa and in the wider Southern African Development Community trans-boundary region.