Entrepreneurship Programme

EEESAY (Entrepreneurial and Environmental Empowerment for South African Youth) is a WESSA partnership with Teach A Man To Fish.  This intensely practical project, made possible with funding from EuropeAid, is providing 6,000 learners from 40 schools KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape provinces with an opportunity to gain practical business skills by setting up and running an educational and environmentally sustainable enterprise at their school. 

The students receive step-by-step experiential learning on how to identify business opportunities, apply sound business planning and then implement robust business plans to generate a profit.  Schools can invest the profits to develop both the school and school business, and it further creates a great opportunity for teachers to continue their own professional development.

EEESAY is based on the successful School Enterprise Challenge programme run by Teach A Man To Fish, which has already led to 25 profitable student-led businesses schools in South Africa; improved exam marks in participating schools in KZN; and enabled learners to start their own profitable businesses out of school.  The project extends over a period of three years, with learners and educators from 40 schools attending training and receiving support to build learners’ knowledge, skills and confidence towards either becoming entrepreneurs or becoming better prepared for future studies. A further 50 out-of-school youth in KwaZulu-Natal will gain entrepreneurial skills by undergoing a training programme with Business World Development Trust (BWDT) based on a Level 2 New Venture Creation qualification on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).