ROSE Foundation Used Vehicle Oil project

This three-year project aims to address the illegal and harmful dumping of used vehicle oil by educating learners about the importance of disposing of oil correctly, which should be done by taking it to accredited processing facilities located throughout the country.

Over the past few months the project – initially being rolled out in the Western Cape – has seen us develop and distribute educational resource materials to 60 schools in the province covering the theme of used oil disposal. An informative workshop was held at Helderberg Nature Reserve to support learning about this important issue by introducing teachers to the educational resources and equipping them with lesson plans for grades 4 to 6 and 7 to 9.

Learning has been further incentivised at the participating schools through the introduction of a poster competition that focuses on responsible used oil disposal, with evaluation criteria linked to the curriculum. Learners stand to win an educational trip to a local used oil recycling facility.

The project is funded by the ROSE Foundation - a national non-profit organisation which promotes the environmentally responsible management of used vehicle oils and related waste in South Africa.