Learning about Forests (LEAF)


Learning about Forests (LEAF) rekindles in students a desire to engage more with their natural surroundings.

LEAF encourages environmental education through awareness raising among learners, teachers and communities to increase knowledge about the key role forests play in enabling sustainable life on our planet, including the cultural, ecologic, economic and social functions and benefits.

The programme objectives are to:

  • ensure learners learn to enjoy the outdoors, experience and observe nature
  • understand the relationship between people and nature
  • enable learners to make decisions on local environmental issues
  • ensure that learners help take ownership and responsibility for their future

LEAF schools can work on a variety of action projects through the five LEAF themes: Forests & Biodiversity; Forests & Water; Forests & Products; Forests & Climate; and Forests & Community. Linked to our South African heritage, LEAF collaborates with schools to reconnect with, learn about, be inspired by and take ownership of our natural, woodlands and man-made forests. LEAF action projects are guided by a 6-step Forest Cycle, making implementation of projects structured and easy, and can be driven the ecological, economic, social or cultural aspects of forests.