Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE)


Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) is a youth-led environmental journalism initiative that aims to enable our youth to take a stand for their local social and environmental issues through the media of writing, photography or video. It creates a productive space for our youth to reimagine and craft a sustainable and environmentally just future while developing skills to make a positive contribution to redress environmental injustices. YRE is a creative, participatory, multidisciplinary, nurturing, action and solution-oriented, and fun space for young like-minded individuals and groups.

The YRE programme uses a 4-Step methodological process to guide local campaigns and enhance skills in critical thinking, research and problem-solving. The programme uses the Sustainable Development Goals as International annual themes for young reporters to adopt and explore.

YRE is co-ordinated internationally by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). The programme is active in 35 countries around the world and implemented in South Africa by WESSA.


Click here to download our YRE brochure.