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All portfolios must be submitted for assessment by no later than 31 October each year!

Submissions for portfolio assessments each year should be forwarded through to the Provincial Project Manager via your Eco-Schools Node Coordinator or supporter. If you do not have a Provincial or Node Coordinator then post your portfolio directly to the National Coordination Office in Howick, KZN. Contact the Eco-Schools office to ensure that it has arrived. Call us on 033 330 3931 ext 2111 or email /

The assessment process takes approximately one month after which time the Provincial Project Manager or node Coordinators will contact your school and return your portfolio. Should this not occur after the time given please contact them directly. The portfolio is the property of the school and will be returned to the school after the assessment process is completed for your records.

When compiling your portfolio at the end of each year please ensure that you have considered the following so as to ensure success:

  • Follow the instructions given in the Handbook in the Toolkit for advice on how to proceed throughout the year and to understand how it all works.
  • Ensure that each part of your portfolio is linked or relates to the previous part
  • Don't forget the 7 steps when compiling your portfolio: Establish an Eco-Committee; Develop an Eco-Code; Do your general and then the specific audits; Choose your theme/s; Create lesson plans; Take action and teach lessons; Compile your portfolio on the work done in the year.
  • Ensure that your review/reflection and forward planning are included wherever necessary - we want to know your thoughts and plans for the next year!

Remember to include copies of lesson plans (minimum of 3 per theme) on your theme/s and some evidence of learners work per lesson plan submitted. In this way we can see how much environmental learning was achieved at your school. Allow your learners to lead this process as much a possible whilst the educator facilitates this learning and action taking in the school.

Start your portfolio at the beginning of the year will reduce the work load at the end. The portfolio is just a record of what you have achieved throughout the year. The work has to be done in any event in order for learning to have taken place in the year so besides doing photocopies it should not really be that much more work - and at the end of the year you have a really good record of events and achievements!

A portfolio can be a very useful tool when addressing your school governing body, requesting funds from sponsors or keeping a record of lesson plans used in the year that you may need at some other point. There are many other uses for it as well besides being a very good reflection of how your school is developing and ensuring positive environmental change.

Should you need any assistance or advice at any stage, please contact your Provincial Project Manager or Node coordinator who will gladly help you.