The EEESAY project, led by Teach A Man To Fish in collaboration with WESSA and the Business World Development Trust (BWDT) made possible with generous funding from the European Union, won Gold in the Green Economy Category at the Eco-Logic Awards, held on the 5th of June.

This innovative project, which takes place in two districts each in KZN and the Eastern Cape, supports high schools to set up a sustainable and environmentally friendly businesses that are run by the learners. The experience learners gain through their business endeavours will either support their academic progress both in school and into the future, and/or enable learners to gain the knowledge and skills needed to set up their own business. The trophy is doing the rounds to the different schools – last week it was with some of the learners from Sobantu High School near Peddie.

The Green Economy Award is presented to a business organisation that provides a product , service or programme that supports the growth of the Green Economy in South Africa.

The Eco-Logic Awards identify individuals, organisations and communities that positively contribute towards a sustainable world – and we encourage consumers to support them by purchasing their products and services.

Sue Spies
Programme Manager: Schools Entrepreneurship Initiatives