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Thanks to conservation conscious supporters like you, WESSA was able to successfully re-introduce 4 giraffes to our uMngeni Valley Nature Reserve recently.


The giraffes – donated by Karkloof Safari Spa, were  transported safely and released into their new home by a professional team from WESSA and partner organisations. As you can see, it took careful planning, commitment and considerable muscle power!


Seeing these magnificent creatures roaming in what, decades ago, was their natural environment, is a triumph for conservation. They will play an important role in helping to balance the eco-system and preserve bio-diversity in the area.


But we need to do more to protect and conserve our beautiful and unique wildlife and habitats. And that’s why we’re hoping you’ll make your own commitment to conservation by supporting us with a regular monthly contribution.


You can become a champion for nature from as little as R150 monthly. The more you give, the more we can achieve together.


Your contribution makes you part of the WESSA team, there with us in spirit as we take further, meaningful action to restore natural areas like the uMngeni Valley Nature Reserve.


Become our partner in caring for the earth.

Giraffe relocation

“The reintroduction of giraffes at WESSA’s uMngeni Valley Nature Reserve is a testament to our dedication to conserving biodiversity and wildlife, ensuring the sustainability of our natural heritage.


We look forward to observing their behaviour and the ecological benefits they will bring to our ecosystem.”


Sifundo Sibiya
Senior Manager – WESSA