Equipping children to live sustainably in the futureĀ 

Young people represent the biggest demographic in the country and the world at large. Youth now have access to information and technology which gives them the edge. Regardless of their course of study at higher education institutions, they are the next leaders and decision makers. Innovative solutions to many of the environmental challenges are already coming from young people. The WESSA EcoCampus programme inspires youth to take ownership of their surrounding environment and become active players in broader environmental solutions through participation in exciting environmental action projects on campus.


EcoCampus is an international award programme that guides Institutions of Higher Learning on their journey to sustainability. EcoCampus encourages collaboration between university management and students, develops research and workplaces skills, creates opportunities for learning exchanges, and provides a holistic reduction of campus environmental impact.


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Cindy-Lee Cloete
Head: Programmes & Projects
Cell 064 752 0598