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WESSA is a registered public benefit organisation (PBO number 18/11/13/1903). Donations to us not only contribute to saving the environment but they may also save you money, as certain donations are tax deductible. Donations which meet the requirements of the Income Tax Act may qualify for a 18A receipt, which will enable you to access this benefit. There is a limit on the amount of a qualifying donation that will be allowed as a tax deduction in any year of assessment, but the good news is that any excess amount which is disallowed in the tax year you made the donation solely because it exceeds the amount allowed, may be carried forward to the next tax year for purposes of section 18A.


Your donation to WESSA ensures we can continue our focus on conservation and environmental education efforts for nature and for you for our future generations. No matter how large or small, when you make a donation, you are contributing to our environment. Leaving a legacy of this kind is a way to ensure that your values of protecting wildlife and the environment carry on for future generations.

There is a minimum donation amount of R5. To make your donation please type in the amount you wish to donate and select Donate.